Day 2 with Nyla and Maliah

“granddaughters are the flowers in the garden of life”

Another afternoon with Nyla and Maliah, all Nyla could talk about was what experiment she was going to do when she got home. She decided on the same bubble one that she made the night before, again she had bubbles all over the place, she is too cute. Both girls were excited because Uncle Jonathyn and Auntie Teri were going to eat over, they love there aunts and uncles so much, and look forward to seeing all of them. I am truly blessed with my children, they have this special bond that they all feel including my granddaughters. I tried a new chicken dish that I still have to tweak. I also made sweat potatoes, with brussel sprouts and bacon, asparagus, and Ronnie made his delicious garlic bread. Another enjoyable dinner with my family!

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