Not Our Typical Sunday Dinner

“kindness is like snow; it beautifies everything it covers” – Kahili Gibran

Today we decided to make a small version of our Christmas Eve dinner. My favorite is the stuffed mushrooms and spaghetti and clam sauce. My kids’ favorite is the baked stuffed shrimp. We also all love lobster. But, to our disappointment, the fish store didn’t have any. So our Sunday dinner: stuffed mushrooms, spaghetti and clams, baked stuffed shrimp, delicious homemade Italian garlic bread, and for dessert – Teri’s favorite chocolate cake. It was a very relaxing Sunday with my family. Since it snowed the night before, the air was crisp and the outside was beautiful. A perfect day well spent!

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  1. Deby says:

    Now this dinner sounds really delicious !

    Love the shrimp and just the stuffing inside the mushrooms ..

    The cake with ice cream looks good too !

    Spaghetti with clam sauce should of been white!

    And Ronnie heard the bread was delicious !

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  2. Carla Franke says:

    I love the sound of your Sunday!
    And great food!

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