Dinner for Two

“love the life you live”

When Ronnie realized it was just going to be the two of us tonight, he decided to make dinner. He went to Whole Foods on his way home from work and bought fish, ingredients for coleslaw, and purple and white yams. I had the pleasure of watching him make the whole meal; it was very nice for a change. Ronnie breaded the fish and baked it with sliced tomatoes on top, he air fried the yams, and his homemade coleslaw is to die for. He set the table, lit a candle, and even had a taste of some white wine; so different from our usual dinners filled with family. After dinner, I made my famous popcorn while we watched our favorite t.v. series. I have to say it was a wonderful evening!

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  1. Deby says:

    Ronnie I think you did a wonderful job ! As far as the meal it all looks and sounds delicious .. not many men make the meal set the table then light candles !! ❤️ Great job Ronnie !! And I love the fact that you have a purple shirt on to match the purple dishes !

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