Popcorn Night

“love is sharing your popcorn”

Memories of my sister Carla and I making popcorn are the best. We would experiment making all different kinds of popcorn. My sister would add the weirdest ingredients, sometimes it would come out good other times I made her eat it by herself. Our best was caramel popcorn, it always came out nice and gooey. Ever since than, I’ve been making popcorn for my family. The only difference is I make traditional popcorn. I pop it on the stove, add butter and salt and that’s it; most times I make it with just salt. Jonathyn still makes popcorn most nights. When he was younger, I bought him a red popcorn machine for the counter, he used it so much that the door broke. So, when Jonathyn bought his house, I bought him a stand up red popcorn machine; I think he still makes it on the stove, too. Carla still makes popcorn, every time I visit her we enjoy a large bowl together. It always seems to be the little things that you remember the most.

Carla and me
Carla and me

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  1. Deby says:

    Love popcorn but haven’t made it stovetop in long time ! Will have to try it that way ! Sister tradition ❤️ And love the photos of you both from young girls till now! 💕

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  2. Carla Franke says:

    Love the memory!
    I can add to the recipe as well!
    You can try drizzling organic maple syrup over the lightly salted popcorn! Makes for a delish snack.
    Alternately, if you want to keep it savoury, garlic salt with grated cheese of choice. Pop in microwave for 10 seconds…..
    You will love both!
    Sister in pic

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    1. Carla, you always have different ideas for our popcorn.


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