Another Visit with Logan

“together we make a family”

Logan is home! Today is the beginning of a week and a half filled with fun, family and a lot of food. As always, Logan has made a few suggestions, bakery pizza, green olive dip, clam cakes and chowder, macaroni and cheese grilled cheese sandwiches, lentil stuffed peppers the list goes on and on. I bought pizza strips and brought them with me to pick her up at the airport, she was very happy!

We also get to celebrate Logan and Nyla’s birthdays together, which means more food and two cakes. Logan requested ravioli and vegetables, Nyla’s request chicken cutlets. So Sunday dinner consisted of ravioli, meatballs, chicken cutlets, roasted vegetables, salad, and a whole lot of family. It was another beautiful Sunday at Stefanie’s!

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  1. Deb says:

    Was just saying no Sunday blog then here it comes !
    I’m sure everybody is so excited to be with Logan .. and Happy Birthday Logan an d Nyla 🎂🎂

    Everything looks so delicious !! But I’m still waiting to try those chicken cutlets …
    And you didn’t tell me what kind of cake was Logan’s but it looks delicious

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