Day after Sunday

“happiness is…. leftovers”

While cooking on Sunday, I try to make enough so I have leftovers for Ronnie and Anthony’s lunch on Monday and a little more for Monday night. Sometime it works and other times like tonight it doesn’t. I thought I had enough meatballs left over for tonight’s dinner and I figured I would make a side of vegetables and a side of polenta or the rest of the pasta to serve with the meatballs. I had to re-think my whole dinner because 4 meatballs isn’t going to work.

My daughter Aleksandra was talking about an Avocado Quinoa Salad that she ordered the other night, so I decided to try and make it. I found a few recipes that I tweaked to make it my own, and to make it colorful I used the rainbow Quinoa that I purchased in the bulk isle at whole foods. I cooked turkey burgers and a salad.

It’s always fun to be creative and not to have a plan, that’s when the dinner comes out the best.

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