A Beautiful Day For A Road Race

“never give up”

Today Mia ran her first road race; and what a great run she had. Memories came rushing back to me when my kids were her age, they would run in road races every year sponsored by The Son’s of Italy that my father organized. Today is Veterans Day, the day to honor military who have served our country. What better way to honor them, than to have the children and the community come together. There was a 1 mile race for the children and a 5K for the adults. Mia ran in the 1 mile without any training, I think next year she will be unstoppable. The night before the race Nyla decided to make a sign for Mia, and with Maliah by her side they had a fun time cheering for their sister. We all couldn’t have asked for a nicer day, the weather was warmer than most days in November. It was a great way to spend Veterans Day.

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  1. Deb says:

    A Salute to all ! Who have served our country !! ❤️
    Mia I am so proud of you for running in the race and doing your best !❤️
    And Nyla and Maliah making a wonderful sign and cheering on your sister great job well done ❤️

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