Fajita Sunday”

“scatter kindness

Anthony’s suggestion for Sunday dinner, Fajitas and nachos, Allie chimed in and said she would make steak egg rolls; not the typical food for Sunday but I loved the ideas. Allie asked if I would also make pizza because she loves the way the house smells when she walks in, she says it reminds her of her Nana. Nyla was hands on with the egg rolls, she helped prepare them, even tried frying them. Since Ronnie wasn’t feeling too well, Anthony, Allie and Isaiah did most of the cooking, I have to say they all step up to the plate when I need them. Anthony grilled the steak and chicken for the fajitas, Isaiah seasoned everything. Nyla made the brownies, and we also had cupcakes. The day turned out to be very enjoyable and relaxing.

Nyla making the steak egg rolls
Allie and Isaiah prepping for dinner
Maliah being Maliah
Anthony grilling

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  1. Deb says:

    Allie said she was going to make egg rolls and she did they look delicious Allie!
    Stephanie pizza looks very good loos like u are getting better at it my friend .. Anthony great job cooking away at the grill good day for it ! And Nyla who dressed herself the brownies look great ! An Maliah that cupcake looks delicious you and your food .. as Bri would say did u go lol her reply is no … too cute

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