Mornings with Maliah

“it’s the little memories that will last a lifetime”

While my daughter and her 2 older children are in Florida I have the pleasure of having Maliah sleep over. So today we decided to bake. I’ve been baking with each one of them since my oldest granddaughter Mia was born. I usually bake with Nyla because she absolutely loves sweets. Nyla always wants to make cakes because she wants to test the dry ingredients and then she tastes the wet ingredients. She needs to make sure that it tastes good before we put it in the pan. And of course she gets to lick the bowl, Maliah is only 2 so she hasn’t gotten to that stage yet.

We have plans to visit one of my good friends, so I decided to make wine biscuits and bring some to her. My mom loves my wine biscuits so much that she thinks I should sell them, so when I make them I bring some to her.

My little cutie pie Maliah had a great time helping me roll them out. She is just too cute, while trying to roll her little ball she gives some to the dog, drops some some on the floor and mixes it in with her cheese, it’s so much fun being a grandmother . I let them do just about anything they want to do which drives my daughter and son in law crazy. The joys of being grammie.

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