Sunday Morning Breakfast

“may your Sunday be filled with sunshine”

Sunday mornings in my house are about preparing for Sunday dinner. This is a tradition I’ve enjoyed since I was a child. I’ve been able to continue this tradition with my children, and they all look forward to it. However, these recent Sundays have been very hard on my family, especially for my granddaughters. They are so sad that they are unable to come over, which breaks my heart. I started my Sunday with Ronnie making me breakfast. He made soft boiled eggs over bagels. Anthony made his own creative breakfast, an egg omelet over a Mexican dish that I made the other night. Once breakfast was done, I started to bake. Baking always makes me happy. So I decided to share my baking with people that can’t go out. I hope this fills their Sunday with a bit of sunshine.

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  1. Deby says:

    Everybody’s breakfast looks different and delicious , the only thing Anthony not sure about the Mexican dish …
    chocolate chips cookies look yummy !
    And I will say I was one of the lucky people to get wine biscuits ..And let me tell you they where nice and soft and delicious with my chai ..
    I want to thank you Stephanie for them I ate every one to my self hmmm.. ❤️


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