Friday night take out

“we rise by lifting others”

My day started with my morning walk with Anthony and Remy. The birds were chirping, and the sun was shining; a promise that the days will get better. Walks for me are very therapeutic. I clear my head and recharge for what the rest of the day will bring. These days we never know what to expect. When I got back home, I started to bake, which is another way for me to relax. I decided to make pizzelles. They are easy and are my family’s favorites. Since Ronnie and Anthony don’t want sweets in the house, I will bring them to my granddaughters. I am so proud of how understanding they have been through all this.

Most Friday nights, Ronnie and I go our for dinner. One of our favorite restaurants is Lemongrass in Warwick, RI. Since we are doing “take out Fridays” due to Covid19 , we are going to order from Lemongrass. They have the most delicious Nim Chow, which is what I order everytime I go. Tonight we kept it simple. We ordered, Nim Chow, shrimp fried rice, shrimp with walnuts, and a vegetable dish. It was another very quiet night with just the three of us, but the quality time is priceless.

morning birds
Mia and Nyla doing thier school work
Maliah doing her “school work” like her sisters
delicious food from Lemongrass
a little bit of sunshine

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  1. Deby says:

    Oh my friend now you did lemongrass take out .. well some day or night we will get there to eat I hope .. all of the food from lemongrass looks delicious !

    Mia an Nyla adorable sitting doing there homework , and Maliah doing her work that little cutie pie ❤️❤️❤️

    Pizzelles look delicious and I’m sure the grandkids enjoyed them ..

    Love the pretty flowers in the window , purple your favorite color 💕

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