Another Sunday Funday

“do small things with great love”

Today will be a day full of family, friends, and a lot of laughter. I love the Sundays when all my children have the same days off. I also invited our best friends, Shannon and Mike, over for dinner. I woke up nice and early to make dessert, I decided on a white cake with strawberries and whipped cream, and brownies. I finally found a recipe for white cake. I have been trying for years to make a good one from scratch. I was excited that this one came out delicious. I made my meatballs and “gravy”, chicken cutlets, roasted vegetables, salad, and Ronnie’s garlic bread. Shannon brought a chocolate cream pie which is Ronnie’s favorite. It’s always a beautiful Sunday when it is filled with people you love!

Mia and “auntie” Shannon (Nyla in the background getting ice cream)
Maliah and her dad
Maliah and Papa

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  1. Deby says:

    Sunday’s are always fun days at Stephanie and Ronnies house ..
    everything looks delicious ! But again you made chicken cutlets 😥 there will be a day I get to taste those cutlets and that delicious bread that Ronnie makes…love all the photos of the kids 💕 I love how you get to spend every Sunday with your family and you do it faithfully ! Even if they don’t all show ..

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