Sunshine and Family

“stay close to people who feel like sunshine”

Today, another day that when I woke up the sun was shining. These winter days have been so beautiful, I just want them to last. All week I have been thinking of my Grandmother Mama’s eggplant parmesan. She always made the most delicious meals. So, for dinner I make the eggplant parm, chicken cutlets, pasta, steamed vegetables, Ronnie’s garlic bread, and of course I made my pizza. All my children came over, except Aleksandra, it was her weekend on. My Sundays are always so much fun, I just wish my dad was still alive so he could continue enjoying them with us. He would have adored my granddaughters, I keep his memory alive by always talking about him. Sometimes I forget that the girls never met him, I think they have memorized all the stories. This Sunday, Nyla taught herself how to make balloon animals, what a great job she did, my dad would have been so entertained. She was so proud, she made each one of us one. Another great Sunday spent together with good food, great family, and a whole lot of fun.

Ronnie’s chicken cutlets
Mama’s eggplant (recipe to follow)
Ronnie’s yummy garlic bread
Nyla enjoying her dinner
Nyla showing us how she makes balloon animals (Maliah helping)
my dad and I

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  1. Deby says:

    Ok so I’m gonna start with Ronnies chicken cutlets that look so delicious and some day I will get to try them .. also Ronnie that garlic bread hmmm !! Stephanie Mama’s eggplant looks really yummy too!

    Nyla love that you learned how to make balloon animals and made one for everybody❤️

    Maliah ur too cute and happy ur eating something …

    Not let’s talk about Dad miss seeing him I’m sure by now he would of been retired ..
    And Stephanie love that photo of u both 💙❤️

    Cherish all the wonderful times you have with all of your family !❤️❤️❤️

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