Friday Morning Sunshine

“Let there be sunshine in your soul today”

Today, there is a quiet crispiness in the air. We still have a light snow covering the ground, but the sun is so beautiful, it makes me want spring to come quicker. The joys of New England weather, you never know how it’s going to be until you wake up. My daughter Aleksandra is going to go over to cut her Grandfather’s hair so, I decide to make him my favorite Pizzelles. After we went there we did a few errands before we had to pick up the girls from school. Aleksandra and the girls hung out at my house until they had to go to cheerleading practice. It’s always fun when the girls are here. At night Ronnie and I decided to go out for dinner, It’s been a tough couple of months and we haven’t done much. We go to our very favorite restaurant, Lemongrass, in Warwick. I always seem to order the same thing when I go there; Nim Chow and Shooting Star. They have one of the best Nim Chow I’ve tasted, and there shooting star is to die for. Ronnie always tries something different, tonight he had shrimp with string beans over white rice, and also an order of the Nim Chow. The atmosphere is very nice, and we always sit at the bar so our favorite bartender, Tonia, can be our server. She is the best! Another beautiful day filled with family.

Mia relaxing after school
Nim Chow
Shooting Star
string beans with shrimp

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  1. Deby says:

    The pond looks nice ! Are the fish still living ? Pizzelles look delicious hope ur father in law enjoyed them .. and another night at lemongrass love it there .. the dish that Ronnie ordered looks good will have to try that .. Mia is getting big ! ❤️

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