Mama’s “quick” sauce

“Every bite takes you home”

When I was young my sister and I would spend most weekends with my grandparents, my grandmother would make the most delicious foods. Her “quick” sauce was my favorite, she would serve it over angel hair pasta and ricotta. The combination was amazing and as my grandmother always said is was “quick” to make. I have been practicing this recipe for about 33 years and I think I’ve finally come very close to her recipe. I make this version during the week but on Sunday’s I make a combination of my dad’s and grandmother’s.

  • 2 – 28 ounce cans of crushed tomatoes,
  • salt, pepper, garlic powder to taste
  • 3 cloves of garlic , crushed
  • handful of parsley
  • basil to taste
  • sugar to taste (I use a handful or 2)
  • water

I put the crushed garlic, seasoning and crushed tomatoes in a pan and cook them for a few minutes on medium, I then fill one of the empty cans of water and add to sauce with the parsley, basil, and sugar. Simmer on low until you are ready to serve.

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