Let the birthdays begin!

“life should not only be lived, it should be celebrated” unknown

My dad used to say, “Everyone should have a birthday cake”. So of course I go to the extreme in everything I do . When my children were young I had the typical kid’s birthday parties as they got older we would go out for dinner. Now that they are all adults and have kids, I will have dinner of their choice and birthday cake of their choice at my house on a Sunday. And of course they can invite who they want, my granddaughters also get to choose what they want to eat and what kind of cake they want.

My family’s birthdays start in March and end in December, (and a bunch of family members in between). They all have different ideas for cakes. Aleskandra and Jonathyn like my ice cream cake, Logan likes the Funfetti cake, Anthony likes cheesecake , my son in law Isaiah likes a pie for his and my daughter in law loves my chocolate cake. Ronnie’s birthday is in December so he always jokes about not having a cake because we are so busy with the holiday, but I try to make it a point to have one for him.

When I was young my mom always made a cheesecake for my birthday cake. She wasn’t a baker but I knew at least once a year she would bake me a cake. I make the same cheesecake for Anthony’s birthday .

So it’s always an adventure on birthdays, and I always have my family together.

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