Merry Christmas

“may the miracle of Christmas fill your hearts with joy”

Day 2:

Another day of food, family and a whole lot of fun, it doesn’t get better than this. The girls had the time of their lives as they opened all there gifts. Memories of Christmas morning with my kids are priceless, they would be so overwhelmed with all the gifts Santa brought; It was a day of believing in the miracle of Christmas. The food was endless as was the company, even though my foot was broken and Ronnie was recovering from his surgery, we did the best to make it a day filled with memories. I want my granddaughters to look back on the holidays, like my kids do and remember every moment of them.

Anthony enjoying dessert

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  1. Deby says:

    The table looks beautiful ! And the grandkids look like they are enjoying all of there gifts from you both ..
    Anthony the dessert looks so delicious that I’m sure mom made it ..
    Stephany nothing about the food that was made lol oh I no cause you an Ronnie made so much it wouldn’t all fit on this page !

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