Friday Night Football

“fall family and football”

Every other Friday night my granddaughters sleep over, tonight is one of them. Since their dad coaches a high school team we decide to eat first than go to the football game. They all wanted to go to Lemongrass restaurant, Warwick RI and eat sushi (well Mia wanted the sushi). The shooting star is to die for, the best sushi roll I’ve ever eaten. After dinner Maliah was getting tired, I decided to bring her home and we both got to watch Christmas movies. Ronnie took Mia and Nyla to the game, as always they had a great time watching their father coach and seeing there friends.

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  1. Deb says:

    Love love love lemongrass thanks to you! And I no your granddaughter’s love it too especially Mia eating sushi ..

    Great photo of the kids think
    You got cut out!

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