Sunday’s at Stefanie’s with a twist

“she is sunshine mixed with a little hurricane”

Mia is so excited to help me cook Sunday dinner, she told me she wants to learn all of my recipes. Of course I was happy and I was just as excited for her to learn. We started with my homemade pizza, while that was cooking we started to prepare the meatballs.

Mia mixed the meat, formed the meatballs, and placed them in the oven; she than prepared the gravy.


Mia also helped Ronnie prepare the roasted vegetables and a wedged salad. She did a fantastic job helping us prepare our Sunday dinner!

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  1. Deb says:

    Mia I am so proud of you ! Everything looks so delicious! And one day you will be able to teach your children all your grandparents delicious meals and recipes..
    And maybe carry on the tradition of Sunday dinners..
    Waiting to see what your next meal is ..

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