Polenta : Our new favorite

“spread love as thick as polenta”

Traditional Italian Polenta is made with ground cornmeal. Polenta is a good source of fiber and protein, which helps you feel full. It is gluten free, rich in complex carbohydrates, contains vitamin A , low in fat, low calories, source of carotenoids, and contains essential minerals . When my son decided to do a no sugar challenge for a week I had to find foods he could eat. Polenta was one of them and now I make it a few times a week.

When I make Polenta I think of my grandmother “Mama”, she would make the most deliscous Polenta dish. Mama’s would have the texture like cream of wheat, nice and smooth. Than she would make her quick sauce and pour it over the Polenta, the combination would be amazing.

Some regions make it thick and bake it like cornbread. I tend to like it smooth and creamy the way my grandmother made it.

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