Sundays are for Family and Friends

“make today great”

Today is one of those quiet Sundays. Allie and Jonathyn are both working, and Anthony is on a skiing trip. Isaiah will bring the girls, and since my niece Giana is on spring break, she will spend the day with us, I also invited my good friend Deby. I got up nice and early and baked some chocolate chip cookies and Mia’s favorite pizzelle. Deby mentioned she was going to bring Ronnie’s favorite red velvet cake. I made the usual feast, meatballs, ravioli, chicken cutlets, salad, and garlic bread along with the desserts. My friend Deby is awesome, she is my biggest fan. She loved all the food I made. My grandmother, Mama, would tell me there is no greater joy than watching people enjoy the food you make. Every Sunday, I think about her words and I get to experience that joy.

Chelo’s red velvet cake

Maliah sitting with her cousin Giana

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  1. Deby says:

    Ronnie and Stephanie I just want to thank the both of you for the invite ! Everything was so delicious ! You out did yourself with the chicken cutlets they where so good, alone with everything else you made .. loved spending the time with You and Ronnie , son in-law and those adorable grandkids .. it was nice to meet Gianna Andreas daughter she’s very nice ..
    and I think Ronnie enjoyed the red velvet cake that we promised him weeks ago that we never stopped to get ..
    thank you both again I really enjoyed my dinner at sundaysatstefanies

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