My Hospital Stay

“Smile because you know you can do this”

Being in the hospital during a pandemic is very difficult because you are completely alone.  My husband dropped me off at the emergency room and I didn’t see him until a week later when I was discharged. The staff at Rhode Island Hospital were amazing, from the moment I walked into the emergency room to the moment I left. Due to the virus, all the nurses helped each other, so I had the pleasure to meet a lot of different nurses. They were all kind and treated me like I was there only patient, something that only nurses could do.

I would look forward to my nightly group face time calls from my children and Ronnie. I also had morning group face time calls with my sisters, and all my beautiful friends would call me daily. It was a different kind of hospital stay, but with the support from my family and friends it was priceless and it got me though the week.

I’ve since left the hospital and am recovering from home. It’s been a very trying time but everyday I get stronger and stronger.

Since I’ve been home, Ronnie and my son Anthony have been doing all the cooking. I wasn’t able to much of anything, I am finally feeling well enough to start cooking, I am also feeling well enough to blog again. I hope I didn’t stay away too long, and hope you continue to enjoy my blogging.

A shout out to all the nurses at Rhode Island Hospital that took care of me.

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  1. Deby says:

    Well I am so happy to hear that you are feeling a little better, or should I say it must be much better my friend that you started to cook .. and I’m sure your Ronnie and the rest of the family must be happy ..👍
    And I am so excited to be able to start reading the blogs again looking forward to them ..
    all the nurses look like they where happy to work with you ❤️

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