Summer into Fall……

“Every summer has a story “

Summers at my home are usually filled with cookouts, pool parties, birthday celebrations, and a whole lot of memories. This summer was a bit different. There were so many different obstacles.  Since my surgery in April and COVID ,  it was low key at my house.  By the end of the summer I was informed that I  needed another surgery.

My kids continued to visit all summer and we made more memories.  I was limited in what I cooked and baked, but we needed some kind of normalcy.  Here are a few of or memories.

Maliah and Carmela.

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  1. Deby says:

    Omg it’s been months I was shocked looking at my emails … I’m so happy that you are back at it cause that makes me think you are feeling better ..

    All the different meals look delicious !!

    And Maliah is a cutie pie staring at Carmela love how Carmela just stares at her ❤️

    I love the photo of you holding them ❤️❤️

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