Sunday Sunday

“sweet little Sunday”

I usually send out a text a few days before Sunday for ideas on what we should eat for dinner. Mia being the only one with an idea, asked for ribs. So I made ribs, a small “gravy” with pasta and roasted vegetables. Isaiah always prepares the ribs, and today he has help from Mia. The day has been a quiet one, Aleskandra is working and Anthony is on a camping trip; I do prefer the more hectic days with my whole family. Mia was eager to make brownies and she cleaned all the dishes, once again she was a big help. The girls also tried to help Ronnie and Isaiah put together my new fireplace, although Isaiah did most of the work. Dinner and dessert were delicious, and I got to enjoy the football game by a nice cozy fire.

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  1. Deb says:

    It all sounds delicious ! And Mia back in the kitchen again now helping DAD and grandma do desserts and the dishes .. you are learning it all ! Keep up the good work Mia..
    Ronnie tell Stephanie I didn’t need to do much of the work putting the fireplace together .. cause I bought it !! Lol

    Love all the photos you guys are the best and look forward on my Sunday’s to read what the Pirolli family is making or doing ❤️

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