Another Day in Boston

“it’s time for a road trip”

Every time we have an appointment in Boston, we make a day of it so we can go to Wahlburgers, my favorite restaurant. We try different locations while in Boston. So far, we have been to 4 different ones. Fenway is the most recent one that we visited. Our waiter, Ty, was excellent! He was one of the best waiters we’ve had. It is so refreshing to have such a nice and friendly waiter, who went out of his way for us to make it a nice experience to eat at Wahlburgers. The next time that you are in the Massachusetts area, Wahlburgers is definitely a restaurant to try!

BBQ Bacon Burger with a side of fried pickles, my favorite
chicken and bacon sandwich with stuffing and a side of sweet potato tots, Ronnie’s favorite

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  1. Phyllis says:


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  2. Deby says:

    Well both of your meals look delicious ! You no how I like hamburgers ..

    And with going to Braintree on Tuesday maybe there’s one in that area we can stop at ..

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