Next Stop, Jupiter

“stay close to people who feel like sunshine”

The morning started with Logan and I going for coffee and enjoying it outside. Spending quality time with Logan is priceless. It’s so hard when one of your children move away. When we got back to her apartment, we decided to sit by the pool and relax until it was time to go out to eat. Logan took us to Dive Bar Restaurant, another great place to eat. As always, I order chicken wings, for an appetizer my favorite. We all picked something from the “sushi Sammy” creative rolls and all I can say is Yum! After dinner, Logan took us to a bar to enjoy some live music. I have to say, everyday we spent in Florida was perfect.

sweet thai chili wings
mermaid roll
Ronnie and me

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  1. Deby says:

    Well I’ll start by saying it sounds like you all had a full day ! Dunkin, relaxing , pool
    Which looks beautiful ! Then out for wings and sushi …
    beautiful photo of You and Ronnie ❤️💙
    And I love the photo of Logan ❤️
    I’m glad you all had beautiful weather while spending the time with Logan and she got the time off of work to be with her parents ❤️❤️

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