A Perfect Day for the Beach

“let there be sunshine in your soul today”

My favorite place to be is at the beach. When my children were younger, I took them most days in the summer. It was a place that they could run, scream, and play all day. Those days were the best! While I’m on vacation the beach is where I want to be. Today, Ronnie, Logan, and I spent the day at the beach and what a day it was. After the beautiful afternoon, we went to watch Logan play softball, which brought back so many wonderful memories of her youth games. After the game we went to another great restaurant, E.R.Bradley’s on Clematis. We had some picky food and enjoyed the night listening to music. Another beautiful night spent with my daughter.

Mediterranean hum plate

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  1. Deby says:

    The beach looks beautiful! Hope you all enjoyed the relaxing day in the sun 😎🌞

    The nachos look good not sure of the other dish 🤦🏻‍♀️

    No photos of Logan playing softball ? And did she win mom?

    Love the photo of you and Logan , but I wish it was of the three of you 🥰

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