A Beautiful Sunday in October

“today is going to be amazing”

Since today will be a quiet Sunday, we decided to make an easy dinner. Although I say it is quiet, two out of four of my kids, my son-in-law and my three granddaughters are all eating over. The weather is perfect so the girls get to play outside while we finished putting the summer stuff away. I tried to keep it simple but I still made a lot of food. We snacked on Italian bread with delicious spreads that I bought at Trader Joe’s. Ronnie made two whole roasted chickens, homemade mac and cheese (inspired by Wahlburgers), roasted veggies, and a salad; so not that simple. I also made chocolate chip cookies, and served them with ice cream. Sundays at my house are always full of fun, football games, swinging on the tree swing and preparing a lot of delicious food.


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  1. Phyllis says:


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  2. Deb says:

    Another wonderful dinner in the Pirolli house
    It all looks so delicious you two should go on a cooking show ! U think of different things for every meal 👍

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